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Activiteit: One day trip in Keukenhof Gardens Flower Park

One day trip in Keukenhof Gardens Flower Park

22 April 08:00

22 April 20:00

Keukenhof Gardens Flower Park

ChiSAG has arraged a trip to Keukenhof,Holland next month on 22rd. If you are interested and want to join us, you can sign up.

You can transefer the money,40 euro intotal, for ticket and transportation to this account: BE 05 3631 5607 6575 CHISAG; This transaction should be done before 3rd of April.

And sign yourself afterwards in this format: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vhx_ACwZUQmFIW3w0q-2qITATD0wwBsZx2OK-UltuII/edit#gid=0

Then you can prepare for this wonderful daytrip to the tulip sea in Keukenhof.

Further information will forward to you after 3rd of April. Please subscribe to our page~

Children of 0-3 years older are free of charge. Children of 4-11 years older will be charged of half price:20 euro. Children of 12 years older need to pay full price(40 euro).