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Activiteit: Orientation Day

Orientation Day

02 October 18:30

02 October 21:00

Ned Kahn

A new year filled with lots of career-related possibilities is about to start. But are you also lost in the huge amount of different companies there exist? Or do you want to get more information about all the different possibilities? Then is the Orientation Day the activity for you.

We will start with an interesting presentation about the challenges of the future. Afterwards, a panel discussion between the five sectors relevant for engineers will start. During the panel discussion, you will get more information about what each sector has to offer, what your mean task will be if you would work in that sector and much more. The sectors are: - Construction & Dredging - Supply Chain & Management - Consultancy - Chemistry & Electromechanics - IT & Electronics To finish off this beautiful start of the new year, a reception will be organised. During the reception, you have the possibility to talk with all the representatives present for the panel discussion.