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Activiteit: Youth Empowerment Workshop by IAAS

Youth Empowerment Workshop by IAAS

27 November 19:00

27 November 21:00

IAAS lokaal

What is Youth Empowerment? What does it mean to you? Let's figure this out in this workshop all about Youth Empowerment. This will be given by an experienced IAAS Trainer Ellen Van Mello who has delivered many soft-skill trainings and workshops in her life. By participating in this workshop you'll not only learn new things yourself but you will also help research at Wageningen university (which designed this workshop).

We will meet in the IAAS room for Croques and drinks and afterwards will have the workshop in another room. The workshop will be in English and this will last for about one hour to one hour and a half. Entrance is one euro (for the trainer). Apply by filling in this link: https://goo.gl/forms/g4lxRnWXeAyDEwU73

We hope to see you all there!