Students pastoral Ghent is an enthusiastic group of young Christians who are committed to help the students of Ghent. We do this through a wide range of social, cultural and religious initiatives. GPS occupies a special place in the wide range of student associations. We are not tied to a single study track, faculty nor university. Instead, everybody is welcome!

The reverse abbreviation of our name - GPS instead of SPG - is a nod to the famous navigation system. The name exposes our target audience: we want to be there for young seekers, for those restlessly craving for more. GPS will show them in an ordinary and human way where to find Life. Maybe is GPS in this sense rather a find then a search system: how and where can students allow themselves to be found by God?

We are affiliated with the Political-Philosophical Convent (PFK UGent), but GPS remains apolitical in the midst of a complex political spectrum. We work closely together with the youth ministry of the diocese of East-Flanders.

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