Request for Sponsorship

As a non-profit and admission free festival organized by students, we can hold “MATSURI GENT -Japan Festival-”, thanks to everyone’s support and sponsorship. To make a success of this festival, we would greatly appreciate it if you could support the festival as our sponsor.
Thank you for your serious consideration about sponsoring our event.

MATSURI GENT -Japan Festival- Executive Committee

Per €50 ( €50 – €100 – €150 – €200…)
* You will receive 2 meal tickets and 1 drink ticket per sponsoring of €50.

【Application deadline】
15/04/2018 Sunday

【Application method】
Please send the application form to “MATSURI GENT -Japan Festival- Executive Committee” by Email.
> Application form

【Payment method】
If you want to sponsor our unique festival, please send us the application form.
We will reply soon and share our bank account details so you make make a transfer.