Hi there! Once again, Tomo no Kai tries to organise stuff to get you guys through this miserable time. We wanted to hold a arts & craft workshop irl (we wanted to teach you how to make your own Halloween-y Japanese lantern), but unfortunately corona fucked that plan up. However, we decided to still give you guys the opportunity to make your own lantern. This tuesday (20th of October), during the period you can collect the Guido card, you can also come and pick up your DIY lantern kit if you have registered yourself for one. They are FREE! To order a kit, please fill in the form below. There are only 28 kits in total, and you can only order one kit per person, because we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to register for one. Then on the 29th of October, from 20.00h till 22.30h you can join us on our Twitch Channel (Tomo_no_Twitch) to have a live presentation (and guidelines) how to make your lantern.

Included in this crafting kit: coloured paper (colour mix) – origami paper (colour mix) – white 30×30 paper lantern – wool (colour of choice, make your choice in the form below) – watercolour paint (2 colours to be chosen at pick-up moment).

Below you’ll find all the colors of the wool we can provide you. There are only 4 of each colour, so at maximum 28 people can order their own crafting kit. Don’t know which colour to choose? Get yourself inspired by these quotes!


“A misty autumn morning “
“As pale as a ghost”
“Potion in the witches cauldron”
Baby Blue (SOLD OUT)
“A lonesome ghostly fire”
“The darkness of night that covers all”
Scarlet (SOLD OUT)
“Red like the spider lily”
“A neon light flickering in the alleyway”